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Alianza Art Gallery hosts an Exhibition of the Works of Oscar Abreu


Contact:  Minerva Guerrero, 212-740-1960 ext 427, mguerrero@alianzadom.org


Alianza’s Art Gallery is proud to present the recent works of talented painter Oscar Abreu. The exhibit "detachment of the ego" will be presented at the gallery space of Alianza Dominicana.

The exhibit will be open to the public on Friday August 11, 2006 at six thirty in the evening, where there will be an opening reception. The exhibit will remain available to the public through August 20th. Moreover, this exhibition will be presented as well from September 8th through October 12th, 2006 at the Marwen Foundation in Chicago.

This is Abreu's 14th solo exhibit. Abreu has received wide critical acclaim in numerous shows in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Chicago. According to Dominican art critics, Abreu is considered the most important artist of his generation in the Dominican Republic.
Abreu began developing his highly distinctive style, which he calls "psycho-expressionism," 1994 while he was still studying in Chicago Illinois at the Marwen Foundation and expanded his studies by attending to the School of the Art Institute's Saturday program for talented students.

Within the context of figurative abstraction and minutely gesture painting, Abreu is able to powerfully express extremely subtle emotions. He is particularly interested in exploring the mysteries of human behavior - the pain and suffering that results from negative human conduct and the continuing struggle to feel joy and pleasure in spite of life's traumas and turmoil. Abreu also explores the internal struggles ever-present in modern man and the ironies that exist in situations that are beyond our control but affect us in a profound way. In a recent article Abreu stated: "When I suffer life's blows and shocks I am more prolific as an artist. I understand that it is a matter of my own pure need to purge the demons within me, to release and to interpret my vulnerability and my incapacity to rationalize life's different circumstances."

Moisés Pérez, Executive Director of Alianza Dominicana states that Oscar Abreu is one of Dominican Republic’s most brilliant artists; his is a major force in the new abstraction that is coming from the Caribbean Islands. "Oscar's work explores the multiplicity of issues that have been at the heart of Alianza's work for almost two decades; namely the impact of the human struggle on the psyche and well-being of the individual and community at large."

Abreu's recent one-man show at the Prinardi Gallery (September 2005) in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico was a critically acclaimed success. At present he continues to work at his studio in New York in preparation for up-coming shows. On November 2006 Abreu will open a one-man show at the Abreu Centro de Arte, Dominican Republic.

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Alianza Art Gallery, open free to the public, seeks to contribute to the diverse cultural landscape of New York. By supporting the visual arts and celebrating extraordinary imaginations, Alianza Dominicana seeks to actively enhance our quality of life.

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