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Artist's Statement

In my work I examine man's vulnerability; especially within the context of the various natural events that we are destined to live through. Before I express an emotion or idea or a particular feeling in my art, I refer to the real experiences that I've had in my own life as a basis for comparison. The materials I use become an extension of my emotional life, my feelings and my ideas. When I suffer life's blows and shocks I am more prolific as an artist. I understand that it is a matter of my own pure need to purge the demons within me, to release and to interpret my vulnerability and my incapacity to rationalize life's different circumstances. Through my work I liberate myself.

I try to represent in my work the numerous aspects and nuances of a singular human emotion. And I explore many different emotional states of mind. I am particularly interested in the internal struggle of modern man; his need for love and his capacity for hate and envy, man's constant battle to survive, his anguish, his pride, the arrogance and abuse of power, the genocides, etc.

I ask myself how the various psychological events of life affect, mark, and create each individual personality. How and why can the same event affect different people with so many different results? I am curious about motivation, its relationship to experiential reality and finally the decisions we make. I like to call what I do with my art "psycho-expressionism."